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May 16th, 2014

Telford housekeeper has two meet up, Qi Qigong would like to salute. Xiao Xiao Chen is the mainstay of the government, if there is any mishap, he probably would have just created a sudden collapse of Shaw House. Sensing the concerns of Italy Tong Sheng et al eyes showing, Xiao Chen nodded and said: “This seat left this time, all cases are well within the government” “Master Hui Bing, in addition to the government hospital a few days to start acting suspiciously stalking some monks outside, everything is normal.” Tong Sheng respectful opening replied. Xiao Chen nodded, the day he was brought back to the main square of the elders of the house of sword wounds, presumably the ancestral city of some strength monks secretly sent the case to inquire about the Shaw House, in order to determine how the situation at the moment xiaochen, but now since he has successfully back, these things would not need to intervene on their own dissipated. But in the moment, suddenly there came a servant in Tsing Yi, the initial body repair actually sweating, his face the color of panic, “playing up! fighting!” Telford housekeeper frowned,Louis Vuitton, suddenly turned around and whispered denounced: “The yelling Whatever next, does not see adults in this, and other punishment under their own room to the backyard to pick up 30 whip, a good rose up memory! ” That servant see that Tsing Yi Xiao Chen, scared a shrunken neck, but it is suddenly exposed ecstatic eyes of Italy,Louis Vuitton Outlet, had dissipated instant panic in the eyes of most, “I do not know adults in this small, willing to be punished!” xiaochen waved, said: “Punishment of the issue aside for the time being, what is happening, so scared” Tsing Yi servant dare have the slightest delay, immediately spoke and said: “Iron command is responsible for managing the government to join the monks, but today it is a Heaven Habitat adults with iron up to guide the conflict, does not come at once seeing a small and report of. ” xiaochen face changed instantly gloomy down, “today without punishment, and it touches the seat to see how it was!” language he stormed off the tear space, figure instantly disappear. Shaw House is located in the shallow lake level specification with reference to the great elders, mansion area of ​​great natural, stretching thousands of miles, covering tens of thousands, except for the main hall to the hospital after being masters of living, there are many others in turn spread the Affiliated Hospital. among the Shaw House, and now they have a specialized division of the area for placement of all the monks join Fuchu scattered repair, and construction of a special gathering plaza for monks than the arts, learn magical powers. but today this square is crowded square standing, but there is a magical sound of thunder came from the crowd. “Hey, this is the strength of our socalled escort guide, it is soso bear mentioning, simply unconvincing, the next really do not understand why xiaochen adults will appoint you as a guide.” “Even today, standing here in this seat, you can not hurt me the slightest, why in vain, in vain mockery arouses nothing.” sneer sound from the mouth of a pale shade Lixiu Shi,. who is day two for the repair environment far more numerous iron, now free to put all his magical powers to resolve shot, his face proud scoffers. iron red eyes, mouth, one after another growl, this monk named Ma Tiande, it is one of the strongest of several people to join the monks in the strength of Shaw House, has always refused to accept the iron control, when sarcastic, today it is because of some hit a few little things deliberately cause trouble Shaw House monks, and that makes iron with a headon collision occurred, and evolved into today Zhefan appearance. now he has run to the best, but still a huge gap between the strength so that he can not cause the slightest damage against Ma Tiande, but was playing in his relaxed into applause. “Humph! tired of the seat, you will give me lie down and rest for a while now.” Ma Tiande sneer, hands slightly spit supernatural, spiritual power swept out, although not under the heavy hand, but Heaven Habitat power still can not resist the iron, the body instantly cast fly, opt out of the blood in the nose and mouth. After landing, iron struggle going up, showing that mouth mocked meaning, “if not now command you in the name of the guard hanging head just hit the seat can be easily kill you.” “wants to grips with the seat, you still exceedingly practicing a few hundred years to say it. iron men looking ashen several brothers want to be shot, but was pulled tightly iron, even if he knew them together, nor is it Ma Tiande opponent, up only shame is nothing in vain. surrounding scattered into the house repair monks, now mostly look complex, where a dozen monks Heaven Habitat is looking indifferent, in their view this iron repair is low and weak, anything to guide their qualifications, despite heavy hand feel Ma Tiande some, but no one opening blocked. But in the moment, but it is suddenly a faint voice, “how Could the seat just a short leave in January, the government will have to change of weather Xiao begin!” sounds dull, but it is repressed aweinspiring atmosphere Monk makes the hearts of countless bitter hop here, then pale complexion. Taishou looked blankly out of the void Qingpao monk, kneeling on one knee while here ten thousand , Xiao Chen Qi drink Meet adults! iron arm at the side struggling brothers bowed, looking ashamed, feel that they live up to the adult’s attention, no face to see him. As for Ma Tiande is pale, but strong selfcalm down, and now the entire Shaw House on the territory of only a few dozen monks Heaven, Heaven two habitats including even he is only 3 people, even today than he do a bit too much, but do not really believe xiaochen will severely punish responsible adult he! After all, under the command of Heaven Habitat monks at any one sites are extremely popular, adults should understand the pros and cons, how to rob a mere crossing monk with his embarrassed! such a thought, his mind gradually settled down. “iron repair weak but he is determined the seat guard command, although no dominion over territory Heaven guard, but his command of identity beyond doubt.” Xiao Chen faint opening, cold eyes look unto Ma Tiande ” The seat he was appointed commanding, whether he was crossing the robbery repair or weaker, he is commanding, before I did not withdraw his appointment, any monk on his provocation for provocation is also the seat! ” “provocative prestige of the seat, dammit!” “So, you die!” xiaochen suddenly turned around instantly without warning shot, beat down pat downs. “ah! adults mercy!” Ma Tiande screaming pleading for his life, figure halted, under this beat, his flesh instant collapse, life and soul was obliterated, Xingshenjumie completely disappeared in between heaven and earth. Under xiaochen sudden killer, outrightly Henla, without the slightest left hand, which means instant frighten countless Xiao Fu monks, now foes pale, his eyes showed endless horror! As for the dozen monks Heaven territory is being smart, they have a dig for iron, but never thought adults would actually pain killers for his direct denied a territory of Heaven two powerful subordinates! Given that Ma Tiande can kill an adult, you can also easily erase them, think of this, is to let them covered in sweat, while the stiff body. “Remember, the seat reward and punishment, whenever loyal person, since when the shelter will get the seat, but the same thing, the prestige of the seat does not allow any provocation, no matter who, so he dared to offend people in general, Wan die without amnesty!. ” “You wait for ever remember!” Chen Sheng Chen Xiao Di, body momentum crashing outbreak of evil spirits steaming, enveloped the entire plaza exhaustively account. “endeavor to comply remind adults!” numerous monks mouth in unison Di, more awe among demeanor. xiaochen nod, under the Royal Road to impose virtue can by no means, the same words and actions needed to make only a powerful deterrent capability, incentives and penalties in order to achieve the best results. “iron, then the seat formally appointed commanding escort you to Shaw House, whenever I Shaw House of repair, foes yours to rule, if more of the people there refused to accept, no referrals to the seat, this knife can cut it directly kill. “hands off phrase flash, a momentary evil spirits steaming black sword in his hands, crashing monstrous demon breath outbreak was actually weaker than the totally unusual territory Heaven three monks, is clearly the case of Babel Lingbao ! this matter is turned over to gather that refreshing source contribution 150000000000000 ethnic treasures, lost the bet, and now nature has to xiaochen hands. iron complexion flushed, his hands held high over the top will take over that black sword, suddenly backhand cut through the arm, blood gushing roll the blade end, dropping to the ground. “Today iron to the blood itself, feeding Tin Spirit of God lives, in this life, this Shizhong adults, if the slightest wrong side of infidelity, shall die by the Spirit of God Tin bite, jiu imminent demise, eternity can not bounce!” oath down, blood on the body of the black sword suddenly sucked where this thing into a dark red color from black, but it is more powerful demon breath, breath knife between a man completely connected together. With this terrible oath, identify the main iron easily done, holding the knife in the future, even if Heaven three monks also a border war, enough to serve as a command post, to deter all under the command of the monks, and the most important thing, this life of this world He will be on xiaochen loyal, no two agreed otherwise, no matter how much the repair will bite died Tin Spirit of God died! 1 more [10 o’clock, 12 o’clock second more, 14:00 3 more, so 7 more! Thank you fellow cast a monthly pass, I do not know whether throwing a few red ticket, looked too bleak. 】 Chapter 218 carrot sticks knife into the sky, iron body broke out in the endless demon breath, his eyes swept the perimeter, “After me as a guide, provided for adults infidelity, disrespect who foes Simie!” almost as rich essence of evil spirits, such as devilGeneral , very frightening. Just at this time, Tong Sheng, Crawford housekeeper while coming, look respectful falls to the ground. xiaochen scowled slightly minds between two backhand remove storage ring, bayan play, to iron, to Tong Sheng, “iron storage in the seat but quit in groups battlefield treasures harvest, anything into my arm Xiao Fu monks, foes can get a top grade Dao! Tong Sheng storage ring of the seat held under grant began, a total of 1 yuan, Xiao Fu for payment under the command of monks Monthly worship. ” Speaking here, he pauses again remove the ten treasures, each one exudes a strong flavor, to Lingbao list, Paoxiu waved unto Heaven Habitat monks kneel on one knee and flew. “repair to reach Heaven territory, available sites Lingbao a reward, not only they can get, as long as you wait for the future promotion of Heaven level, under the seat will also give Lingbao!” “Whenever I enter the House of Xiao Xiu, became the seat under the command of monks, loyal, future legislation has merit since when the reward, magic, power law, supernatural, began, one thing should be everything!” incentives and penalties can be said that under the familiar Royal Road, but only promised to facilitate in order to completely rein! “Thank adult reward, I’ll wait for when the center will thereafter Fuji, swear allegiance to the adults!” Shaw House of repair opt knee kneel, mouth growl, noise rolling, crashing distribution. accompanied XiaoChen normalized back to Thunder means to deter into the House of repair, the entire Shaw House once again to restore calm after the suppression of adults get the reward of a congregation Xiao Fu monks all smile, hearts will be full of awe outside are all grateful. top grade Dao,. this kind of thing, mostly monks crossing the border in order to have the robbery, the next thing we Shaw House staff monks, began with another million direct grant, even the socalled first family patriarch Yee had no arm so generous over it. Heaven Habitat monks can get mansion is bestowed Lingbao, honey, this is comparable to Heaven monks Vaillant baby, each worth hundreds of billions began even more unusual strong are seen throughout Heaven must have, can we Shaw House Heaven Habitat monk or a staff, and adults say, the future no matter who, as long as the promotion of Heaven realm, they were all given as a reward under Lingbao! Boy, this is a big ah! So Shaw House monks began a public deathdefying practice together, even those Telford housekeeper staring up Lingbao are jealous, are meditation practice tomorrow night until dawn. One trend practice in full swing throughout the Shaw House spread, means a carrot stick in the hands of Xiao Chen was perfect interpretation. ancestral town outside the city, Heaven station! as the core of the human family, the ancestral city brought together numerous ethnic groups strong, crossing the robbery dense hemp can not calculate the number of monks, there are a large number of monks to break the shackles annually, promotion Heaven levels induced massive prize thanks to Heaven. Heaven cited for monks signifying a great opportunity, it is a rare spiritual power of chaos quickly enhance their treasures repair, if free fall is likely to lead to provoke the other monks secretly jealous and then snatch occurred. To avoid this, Heaven station came into being, created by the ethnic groups, cited monks lead off the foes of Heaven can be here, in groups cited the strong drop in asylum Heaven cited, no other worries. this oasis on the plains of the mighty, one stone standing between heaven and earth, there are 9999 steps, towering high into the sky, like a prohibitively road, meaning monk set foot on it, there will be a day of riding Viagra! Heaven territory, even among the human race, are among the ethnic groups has also been strong, the hundreds of millions of monks can only appear one person, citing falling Heaven cited, should have this award! a station into Heaven, Heaven lead off the prize giving, worth double, robbed by a big splash into the border crossing of Heaven, from the ranks of highend ethnic fighting force, not only to get the groups attention, it is subject to many forces recruit. So Heaven station, a day wandering monks have all forces, whenever encountered Heaven cited monks lead off, it will forward to persuade and guide their own to join forces, and promised to help them in future treatment or even bluntly spend days NPC robbery and so on. thus can often be seen here crossing the robbery worthless monks from, Heaven lead after lead down many monks around the effort to draw, a sudden rise in the status of numerous, attracted numerous surrounding envy sight. is today, Heaven bench empty flash, then a monk figure out directly from the space inside the crack, eyes fell on that day people on stage. black eyes, black hair, blue robes, carrying his hands, looking dull. this monk, is xiaochen. “10 time of day has passed, and now the state of my body at peak level foes, they fall in Heaven today cited two arguments, get Heaven award given the strength jumped!” mind the idea of ​​rolling their eyes shining in the SG. This time came, Xiao Chen did not cover their faces, now perceived that day mannequin natural surrounding monks, to see that after Qingpao monk figure, opt looking pale, and then hastened to play YuJane messenger, today will Huibing soon! Heaven ancestral outside Taiwan, Chen Xiao Heaven want to spend two arguments! matter in a short time spread throughout the ancestral city, placed on top of countless mighty monk Anzhuo let them scowled while looking volatile. Although the name of xiaochen reputations among the human race is only a matter of recent years, but it is to hold the limelight of the ancestral city forces whom shocks, its every move, pulling countless monks nerves. Heaven two arguments! Heaven just two lead ah! numerous odd smile, shaking his head, his eyes hard to suppress envy has meaning. This XiaoChen now expose populations already reached the pinnacle of combat power levels, but its real repair but still has not reached the realm of Heaven, if in the future who successfully promoted, combat power in turn to what extent this point, no one dared to imagine! but one thing certainty, if not imminent demise xiaochen future, it will definitely become the pinnacle of human race exists, so at the moment things about him, no one dares to be underestimated, the ancestral city of a public

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May 16th, 2014

Wan not over,. turn back, I saw this wonderful one Mu,Louis Vuitton Outlet, praising the. He often riding but know that to throw such a good whip, did not practice for a few years, definitely not this level. He had always thought that the student is dull, because he has access to those reading, all the fool, a school teacher with the general annoying. I did not expect this cousin very well. Even the whip could play so much, uh, very interesting dark charcoal. Yan Qi Xuan turned around and looked at Ningsan Ye “It’s useless, wasted so much of sublong, even my cousin so thin, but you have to win, or go home and forget, what mix fresh ah.” Yan Qi Xuan in front of the outside, still give gentle face. Ningsan Ye gentle flashed against coldness, it looks absolutely gentle maimed and killed just want dogged. Gentle eyes to look at him, and my heart a pimple, do not lose people not to be outdone, the same look back at him coldly. Gentle Emperor stayed around for so long, how is also affected by the impact, which look lethal, or learned two into the furnace. Ningsan Ye was such a gentle fire, back cold. Yan Qi Xuan just ignore it. “gone, black charcoal.” dogleg around San Ye still in a daze looking at their home, called him back to God, “Lord, do not be angry, after plenty of opportunities to get back wherever he goes.” “look wherever he goes, wherever he goes looking ass, go.” Ningsan Ye finished, pumping the horse away. Follow him home to see his retainers this attitude are strange. Know where Ningsan Ye was such a gentle fire, scared heart scared. Intuitively, he felt somewhat scary guy. Although he is a dandy, but he is very clear, and some people can provoke, something people can not mess with. Otherwise, I really can not mess with the mess, he do not like his father, not the biological mother died, when the time steal sheep. So, although useless, but still far from the point well. Who have eyes that is definitely not a good crop, this guy is definitely a ruthless role. Yan Qi Xuan renowned for riding a horse with a gentle stroll in general, very impatient, followed brought entourage said twice that he left. Gentility is watching while walking, I feel so very comfortable. Yan Qi Xuan walked in she did not mind. Instead, dismounted, on the road to see what all surprising. Had enough, almost, in the entourage of the leadership laid down in the past. When renowned Yan Qi Xuan, renowned for his shrewd exposed with a teenager in that talk, like a good pair of brothers. “to give you about this is Dingmo, my brothers, which is the river watch, my cousin, two days before from the south come.” Yan Qi Xuan finished, the boy reached out to hook gentility on the back. Also intends brothers better. gentle boy looked Zeimeishuyan, facing Yan Qi Xuan curry favor curry favor with the kind of heart disgust. Took a step back, looked coldly Yan Qi Xuan, cheeky disdain. Yan Qi Xuan again facing very disdain said: “Snakes and Rats nest.” Then, Liyebuli, turned and sped away. Yan Qi Xuan a lag, the young face of a stiff, not a smile pull all pull out. Watching the gentle leavin, Dingmo eyes flashed chill. Yan Qi Xuan patted him on the shoulder: “Dingmo, he did so, his temper was not large side, but also very strange, even I have to let him, you do not care about that guy, do not know how. I want my father took his familiar environment, and so familiar with the environment, he took me into the same, that the time may have a Lehe So,Louis Vuitton, you now do not be angry. ” “Where can it! As I do so stingy watched it a personality just awkward child, but that cousin Yang Zhaotou you really like an arrogant little cock.” said do not mind, But my heart is still unhappy, Yan Qi Xuan took the opportunity to test the reaction. “cockerel, the name was quite apt. well, later called his little cock.” Yan Qi Xuan breaks into laughter. on the road, and met several Yan Qi Xuan friend. Yan Qi Xuan had wanted to introduce to gentle understanding, but Wen Wanyang his head, a man looked at it wanted to hit ignore sample. Yan Qi Xuan heart some annoyed, but not good in front of outsiders that he was not. etc. when no one, Yan Qi Xuan groaning with “Do you really think you are cock until Yang Zhaotou you that cock, just a thin cock. dead black charcoal.” Then, shaking his head watching the gentle “Otherwise, do not call after dark charcoal, called cockerel forget.” gentle glared at him, this took a long time to give himself the nickname of the two. The broken child, not take the name of talent. Yan Qi Xuan looked gentle smile and asked, “do not like ah. then I give you to take over a still listen to the name, looked you always frown, like with a little old man. Forget it, do not think, after you called a good little man. than black charcoal, small cock is much stronger. ” gentle angry, this mixed kid has dubbed wrong to others. Black charcoal,. small cock, little old man. One that is not educated illiterate. Holly looked gentle and has a tendency to runaway, busy on one side explained, “Seiko Lord, my son named River Rye, Dover Creek word you be willing, son of Vladimir creek called our home.” Yan Qi Xuan heard muttering, “Dover Creek person looks ugly, strange temper, which also made the word bizarre. really is with him.” gentle too lazy to care for him, just to the beautiful buildings, the rate of advance of the beautiful building. Gentle point two dishes, Yan Qi Xuan gentle dish looked different from the point, are expensive dishes, “the treasurer, I Dieshui signing a meal I can not over fiftytwo his point is not in my The account, right ” treasurer of an old head filled with a smile, “Seiko lords, princes say, Table Master to the restaurant for dinner, you can sign the bill, so son’s account that is not yours.” Yan Qi Xuan odd strange, father of the black charcoal is not a very good point ah “That’s how much he can sign” treasurer smile playing confused “Table Master for the first time, the prince did not say I went back to ask the princes, the next heir to tell God, how are you” Yan Qi Xuan also no longer entangled in this topic. Noon two people eating in a restaurant in Fairview. After dinner, Yan Qi Xuan looked gentle, eyes turn to her gentle say mysterious “black charcoal, I’ll show you a good place to keep you absolutely will not regret it.” gentle thought what acrobatics and other fun places. Yan Qi Xuan et followed seven Shui Po eight Abduction several streets, into a place. The man inside and out, also came Yiyi babblings. Gentility and then looked at a woman dressed to the nines out, exposing breasts after half out, the moment little face became dark liver color black. By pushing the side of an initiator Yan Qi Xuan, clever either side of the guards immediately hold an estimated Yan Qi Xuan have to fall to the ground. gentle thinking about the emperor’s words, not vent, rushed forward against Yan Qi Xuan heavily kick his legs. Yan Qi Xuan also so big no one would dare move over one of his fingers, was kick was dumbfounded. Next to the son who did not even think of this audacious, would think that this son, madness, and did not move all froze in place, and therefore did not react, so watch him kick Yan Qi Xuan. such as Yan Qi Xuan come back to God, Wawataijiao. He is anxious to strangle a gentle, daring him to live impatient. Want revenge back to gentle already gone. gentle also a fire in my belly did not send it, walking angry. The Yan Qi Xuan, really insane. After too cautious. If spread out their own brothel estimated Detuo layer of skin. The most important is to take care of this special life experience did not, that is not worth the candle. But the pledge with his grandfather, the Emperor had. He also did not do it! himself angrily went shopping, visiting most of the day, buy a lot of stuff back. Take a day, was tired. Toss a pass back to the palace, is already beginning GENOTYPES. Servants brought the horses to go back to his own yard. Was cited to bath. Chun Wang deliberately to seek the emperor, the emperor listened not only did not directly gentle back, but is interested in Daihatsu. Timid and gentle death, he is aware of this point. This would not even ride a horse did not dare to ride, which proves that this child ride a horse before. But, when she learned the horse, he does not know how. Dark Guardian investigation did not check the ah. That in the end is how she learned. The child, in the end what adventures. emperor began just want to see, is not really able to unlock gentle stagnation, so she’s dumb illness better. This, gentle touches really looking forward to during the year, will give him imagine vain surprise. As for the rich only, the emperor is not how to think of. That thing, do the following exercises into workout can be found, it would have discovered. With gentle patience, since we know that the Treasury had no money, she’s just another rich, to get them to find this very difficult. Emperor Chun King let gentle with meaning. But as long as the points, to go with her naughty. Wang Chun renowned palace people frown come, gloomily back. Feel strange. Volume II Chapter 8: Alternative to teach Chapter 8: Alternative to teach “black charcoal, charcoal black death, you gave me out and you go away out of you this audacious charcoal, even daring God, you ate ambitions guts, and see God not knock your block off. come out, roll out You do not open the door, I’ll split the door. “Yan Qi Xuan kick the door jingle too loudly. Sound can put people deafened ears. But Holly had commanded gentle, shut the door tightly. Ren Yan Qi Xuan how not to kick open the door. Yan Qi Xuan to an angry sky and the legs. Mu bucket and wash on gentle, and does not panic, Bing Yao listening to thunder outside ring eyelids did not look up. ‘d Secretly watched endless gentle nod. This is highquality personnel. Taishan collapse in the former surface without change color, the quality is really good. Indeed the grandfather trained people, if summer shadow, ran out early to beat the Yan Qi Xuan supper. “come, bring me the ax, broke down the door to me. tired of living, even daring Lord, Lord lived ten years, no one dared to touch a finger to do God! I have to put the black today Charcoal hack. “Yan Qi Xuan see open the door, decided to open a knife to his monarch. around long with all terrified, tried to stop the “eldest son of God, you have to really hack this door today, would we have killed the princes Where there is a split in the house door of his home, to the time the princes sure should punish you, minions will die without burial. Seiko Lord, you pity us, minions want to die. “This will stop the, most will suffer Seiko foot two in mind,. if is disposed of princes, That may be off the layer of skin. And they can be considered Look out, it is a nephew of Princess Erleng child, competing with such a person is certainly unfortunate for them. After gentle washing, and thin to allow Yao to dress up some ice. Then replaced by a mysterious blue robes of a white crescent. This will actually set off a jade tree, but a good boy dancing child. The only drawback is that the white lining black, Chende people are more dark. gentle mirror shine doubled, very satisfied. This waltz out of the net room. Still cried loudly, gentle let Holly opened the door. The door opened, she looked to the red ear Chi Yan Qi Xuan rushed into the yard, sleeves rolled up ready to go in a sample. “darling you this lawless black thing, finally willing to die out. actually kick God, you live impatient ah, I’ll let you look at today’s powerful God.” Yan Qi Xuan big voice scream , renowned for their gentle washing up, decided to take a lesson gentle meal. been blocked Holly to live. Holly saw him struggling, but also to block out. Gentle look at him that way, can not help laughing. “you, what are you laughing” Yan Qi Xuan absolutely scared. This is a black charcoal audacious master. Gentility not be talking, someone sent a message out that two of the past, such as the Princess Royal Highness dining. clamor about Qi Xuan Yan This slow response to, he went to the place really is not appropriate today. In particular Hai Bayearold cousin brought only, it is not appropriate. If the father knew was that he had absolutely think they have to face the wall. Off in the black room really uncomfortable feeling that the great, cold and hungry. Thought here, Yan Qi Xuan died down a bit. go on the road, Yan Qi Xuan still some taboo “black charcoal, if you do not tell the father with mother Princess take you to that place, and I will not pursue the things you hit me, you see how” gentle glanced at him, nodded. Yan Qi Xuan on the gentle indifference, very birds. However, he did not know why, in the face of this guy, he is short of breath. This guy is a Fei Yan shot over his heart to cool, a bit scared, really scary. He did not even afraid of what the capital bully a charcoal. Thought here, quite a pretty body. They followed the big maidservants lead to a positive school. Because the men and women of different ancient seven seats, so gentle live front yard. This time there he was this outsider, it did not come out two Sheriff. Royal Highness Princess on with gentle with Yan Qi Xuan accompany a meal together. Dayton dinner very enjoyable, although follow the food does not talk, sleep, without a word, but the atmosphere is very harmonious. They take their food from time to time plus the Princess, enjoyable, truly grandchildren. Chun Wang is not the time to give them their food, there is no palace in general, at the dinner table that some rigorous. Did not want to separate from the socalled rules of eating, watching them, just gentle feel, this is a real person, eating, eat incense. “Mother, I’ll eat fried small yellow croaker clear.” Yan Qi Xuan eat with very polite, did not see daylight wild. Let gentle touches surprised, nothing like that bully thing. But also with fanciful tone, where the daytime with that arrogant kid in general. “Well, your mother made for you to eat tomorrow.” Soon to be a princess smiling. gentle thinking about whether it is a past life, or now, as if for the first time to enjoy such a joy, even if there is, it is only in pity for himself folder uncle had several dishes. But still coldly interrupted by her grandmother, said she does not clip. Then get, as long as she is eating trembling, a dinner was afraid to hear, when young sensitive words not say much more. Feel lonely, thinking their parents are no longer, and it is afraid to say anything out loud one. In Winchester, has been cautious. thinking about those memories, gentle heart thrown sorrow and grief, buried meals for busy disguise. Chun Wang Princess with how the characters. Watching the gentle sadness and envy of the fundus, and my heart are slight sigh. Facing gentle, more loving it. “father, mother Princess, cousin strange voice, you do not find the imperial doctor to give him a look. Maybe what conditions might it” Yan Qi Xuan asked in front of a gentle face. This could be considered a concern expressed cousin. “your cousin is small, made a fire, to burn the throat of these years, how much to eat medicine, how much money, there is no cure, it’s just conditioning so many years, whatever the outcome, can speak. doctor said damaged vocal cords, so to speak some sad, but do not worry, I will ask tomorrow imperial doctor, came to his look. cousin you eat a lot of drugs for so many years, did not much effect, you do not hold too high an expectation. “Princess Chun shook his head. Her words did wrong, gentle in the past few years has been the King imperial doctor to give him treatment, how much to eat rare medicinal herbs, how much money can be more than four years later, and have not seen any effect. Chun Wang renowned gentle and do not care about looks, worried face care, heart, or care. So these words interrupted road “to say what the do. Vain let watch sad.” gentle return to their courtyard, I saw a servant coming messenger. Holly looked and said, “Son, you Daoshufangli princes go. Princes something

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May 16th, 2014

Silver beat St “Kim Hancheng said that these words mean Shique did not embarrassed. “so ah!” I exclaimed. yes ah, who played over silver holy,Louis Vuitton Outlet, holy silver invincible, I am proud to think. Card, how do I turn favoring him “ah, just that madman just grievances coordinator really stuck dead.” “You you say who” “That is just annoying to go with my uncle, I thought he was a cop too!” “grievances coordinator how!” “Oh,Louis Vuitton, nothing, I think police are the only pipe order, they did not expect the tube. Why are you so angry” “Oh, no, I felt very very chaotic, unstable mood a little,. I want to go back.” “in the end what was said silver holy mess you angry do not take his words to heart, that brats always speak very red, choke choke you all, for his angry words to a point not worth Kim Han Jin Xiaoguang’s not like brother, although his appearance and silver St. looked like, but the personality is nothing like he always gives a very comfortable feeling, as if you can freely tell all his heart. “as Brother John, you go back, just thank you.” “there is nothing to thank Silver St. is always my younger, he was beaten, how can I sit idly by.” “Do you like silver holy it” “Silver St. sophomore when I read, just like we were too good, like brothers.” “Then why are you ” “deemed fire and water” is the word at my mouth side did not say it. “Yes ah, why would this be!” Kim Han also said with emotion into a cry. “as Brother John ” I hesitantly. “what words you say.” “Nothing ” “you say.” Jin Han’s face into a half I leaned threateningly. I think silver holy, and annoying. “Nothing.” “You do not want me to tell the truth, say you love me why they are so hesitant,” Kim Han deliberately take into words excited me. “I want to ask John a big brother, the relationship between you and your sister, okay”” You know Xiaoguang ” He also installed the Assembly it, how amazing acting! It seems that they are brother and sister so I laid traps ready to drive a jump. You know Xiaoguang, how ridiculous question, I decided to have him play the fool in the end. “do not know, just asking.” “I’m sorry, today wronged you, because I will be your wisdom Silver St. misunderstanding. tomorrow I will help you explain to the Chilean silver holy.” “No, you did not say to him, in front of the Chilean silver holy Do not even mention my name.” “” “.! suppose I ask you something today thank you, please return it,” I politely at him slightly laugh. “You know what This is the first time you smiled at me.” did not expect a smile I accidentally turned into a let Kim Han moved. ” you please return it, see you next time!” “See you tomorrow.” “See you next time, bye!” Oh my goodness! Yes, my sprouts, I was helping my mother to buy sprouts. Miserable, which erupted in my dead mother and this time will play my ass flowering. Oh ! Why do hearts piercing pain Chi Silver St. because I still can not forget the silver holy wisdom do And uncontrolled tears streaming down, knew him since I seem to become particularly developed lacrimal gland, I smile a cry. “bean sprouts back, bean sprouts !” In order to ease the anger of her mother in mind, I walked deliberately to please exclaimed. “wooden spoon back iron, iron spoon !” Han Chul pour this bastard, you want to die But unfortunately he said is true, I immediately saw my mother a hand holding a wooden spoon standing in the kitchen doorway, complete a “man guards the pass, Wan Fu Mo open” image. “You can come back, you come back the dishes are cold, you say how to deal with this matter and my daughters” Mom a dangerous tone. “Cook in the microwave and then heat it now! mom.” I flatter said. “Let me hit you reheat the meal.” “Mom, you listen to me.” I hasten to say anything to stop her mother coming storm, hoping to impress her speech, “I have been a sophomore student, I have no friends who up to now endure wood spoon beat it! “My pitiful, Bambi eyes wide open looking at her. result I still ate a “bamboo shoots pork,” but my mother finally a bit of conscience result, only “gently” I knocked several times (“gently” is the mother, not the actual point of light), bean sprouts Levin pull down the tent on this event. I pouted like dinner and an empty stomach without food. That night, I had been hiding in bed crying to three o’clock, and finally because of extremely weak and tired to sleep (from birth to before yesterday, I never cried so much over), my pillow sheets are like to be Like a flood crossed c “Ah ! monster ah!” Can one hope to see my face on the shriek aloud. “want to be dead, you!” “Your eyes how such a way, to open my eyes to see, reach eyes open.” “Do you know how much I suffered yesterday, oppression and injustice it” “Why how is it” ” I was my mother beaten up.” “Gee ! your mother really got under the hand.” around Greece Can I give lessons. forgive me hope Can not honestly confess to you everything that happened between me and intellectual Silver St. yesterday. I know I’m just concerned about raw sex but nagging you, will my ear because it has been read from morning to afternoon after school reading in the morning, I do not consider myself today also accept your physical fatigue bombing. Although your nagging is good for me, but for the sake of my little life, I still hide from the fact that part of it! Small road on campus. “all day today, you think restless, do not eat rice.” “How can I think anything, but winter comes, people just feel a little dull enthusiasm.” “silver holy accompany you, you have nothing to dull the enthusiasm” “I’m still not quite happy you like, winter comes, people are coming back from the United States.” “What’s good, I do not care him back.” words to say, but the Greek Bulong mouth smile Chan proved that she is dead duck fooling. “Get out your mouth shut it ! saliva flow out.” “Today we went to the game room, karaoke oK hall and enjoy yourself! that famous ‘magic Tec’, and today offers great bargain.” “to sing karaoke oK sorry, I really no mood to go today, tomorrow, and then go with it!” “fool, is in a bad mood before going to sing ah!. put pressure on all the troubles are sung to the winds. walk, we went to sing” chow mein! “You’re not like most sing” fried “this song.” “” chow mein “!!” result I still could not withstand the temptation of “noodles”, with the hope Chan came to the “magic Tec.” Now less than seven, inside the bustling packed with students, in case met the silver holy how to do (one of the Kara OK hall is still high students like to place) I thought nervously. Finally, we picked up one of the most corner of the room and sat down. “toot despair despair beep beep despair (this is the prelude)” “miss that time, at that time, rainy weather lonely, you accompany me to eat noodles ” “You are not to sing too exaggerated, Korea Takachiho!” Makichan bitter with a face told me, “You listen to me sing quietly, ‘That’s three fresh delicious fried my favorite! three fresh noodles, in that lonely windy and rainy day, we eat together chow mein! ‘” “What you are not being hit, in addition to being hit mom” can not stand the sound of my magic brainwashing, Greek Chan could not stop me from opening. my voice shaking ZZZZZZZZZ man next door has attracted private rooms, is still a high school girl, she angrily knocked on our door to come. “Call exhausted me, that you sang the Greek Can!” I turned around and found that the Greek Can staring at a wall to see the dead being among the pack. “What are you looking at so ecstatic.” “No, nothing ” Xi guilty Chan said. This time I doubt, “Let me see, you get out.” “Greek Philosophy Can condensate and sing this one, we would love a long long time.” Can look depressed watching Greek expression, I pushed her onto a couch (I have mentioned before, my hands kept great), let her continue to stay to watch in order to avoid injury Chujing situation. Look, this is one of the harmful effects of graffiti everywhere. sing sing what “Can the Greek distraught asked. ” sing the first few cheerful songs!” “Good, good.” Unfortunately, the Greek Chan mouth answer was good, but her eyes are still bleak. This damn shop, how can occasionally doing health, brush walls, which makes “Greek Can I go out to change the coin, you first sang here.” “ah .” mad at me, damn coin for replacement Where children do, I’m looking for a few laps around the game room are not found. Just when I almost want to give up frustrated when the machine miraculously appeared in front of me, I suddenly overjoyed, quickly ran to it. Can certainly hope so anxious in a private room, alas ! Recently Why everything ring true At this point, I suddenly felt a hot sight stalemate behind me, Jin Han into it Come on, be sure not. I Modan turned to look behind the line of sight of the owner has offered to speak, and a woman’s voice. “Chi Ying, Han Takachiho she is.” “” I finally turned away, but turned around and I regret it. Is Jin Xiaoguang and her friend (I’m a model student in high school), they are strange to stand behind me. Jin Xiaoguang is and when I last saw her, comb hair instill obedience in the back of the head, clothes buttoned properly, the standard model student dress, it seems that she is still being isolated former friends. I turned around again as if nothing had happened, trying to change the bill into the coin machine jack, but refused to move his hands to stop shaking “I know her, we used to be a high school.” is a model student who is speaking. “her high school how” is Jin Xiaoguang voice. “Nothing, ordinary thing!” shout ! You do not even have the time you do not feel you have it, you have the nerve to say I’m mediocre. “Silver St. just come to our class, right” is Jin Xiaoguang talking. “ah! Bank St. came to our class.” “What did he come” “is not to see you.” that echoed each model student and Jin Xiaoguang said. two damn talkin ‘woman, this poor acting dared to show off in front of me. Although you say, I do not care, do not show off in front of me what to do after the holy silver and I never okay, I comforted himself in his heart, and frankly in front of both of them came from. “Silver St. secretly always seem to see recently you! gym class time.” ” How can he secretly watching me . “Jin Xiaoguang also put as shy said. “really is, I see you two again is a matter of communication. My hunch is absolutely nothing wrong.” Although early have thought of yourself do not bother them, did not want to show weakness in front of them, but do not blame the tears still streaming down line by line. “Yeah! Xiaoguang, this guy was crying.” “Let’s go, I would hate to see her.” Jin Xiaoguang looked at me triumphantly away. saw they had gone, I quickly rubbed his eyes with the sleeve, pretending nothing had happened to Chan returned to the Greek side. a return to private rooms, where I heard the Greek Chan feebly singing sad songs I did not say anything, just sat quietly beside her. time in both of us a song after song song goes by, we both seem like an appointment in advance, there is no point in the song is not a song that people can get the bitterness out of a bowl of tears. I open throat, vent their sadness, too scratchy throat until the last strike, before each go home. “careful on the road!” “you too.” This is the last conversation between the two of us. way home, my thoughts not engraved calm, all just speculation efforts to suppress the flood. Is it true Chi Silver St. To see Jin Xiaoguang specifically to the classroom to find her No, this is certainly not true. Is Jin Xiaoguang it deliberately to offend me say, this is my trick they deliberately gas, is both Ge Sila (Translator’s Note: Inside Japanese “monster” means) choreography lies, there is no reason to go silver St. looking for her, he would do that to me does not make sense. Do not cry, Takachiho, otherwise their ruse would succeed, and his eyes opened wide point Takachiho!. If you cry, you’re lost, lost to the Ge Sila Jin Xiaoguang, eyes wide open point, and then widened it! went to the door, I suddenly froze, not for anything else, because I do not know whom I saw with red chalk to write a few lines on a telephone pole in front of my house. “! Takachiho Do not cry, I will stand by you forever Ha ha ha, Kim Han into this tour you can understand my heart you!” Whenever I feel uncomfortable when my heart, all he appeared beside me and give me encouragement and comfort And that really gave me the genuine warmth of my boyfriend was gone forever Chi Silver St., did not even give me a message. Why did he so good to me, he know, this will only make my heart even more uncomfortable. “I’m back!” “Hey, ‘Takachiho’ (rabbit) is sick.” hear my brother’s voice came back, suddenly hobbled down from his room ran it. “What” I quickly ran back to his room, but was stunned to find that ‘Takachiho’ is not their own room. “‘Takachiho’ Where ‘ “in my room.” brother replied, “‘Takachiho’!” My sorrow screams, rushed into the room, his brother. Brother into the room and saw that being a last look bouncing around, playing their own favorite toy a ball of yarn in small things, not my cute little bunny ‘Takachiho’ who is alive and kicking, how sick Bansi look. “Brother, why do you say Huangpian me” My almond eyes wide open, turned around to find Han Zhe condensate afterwards. “silly thing! So you open a little joke .” “brother, you know just how much I worry, you never know considering the feelings of others.” This has been extremely bad mood, with his brother at this time is low joke, triggered a series of ups and downs in my heart, grievances involuntary tears pouring out. “Hey, Hey, how do you cry ” Han Chul also see me so pour a panic. “You stink boys are the same, you know” knew he should not have behaved so fragile, but this time crying and my brother did not matter much, should not blame him, but I just could not bear to give up now vent channels, to blame blame Han Zhe pour his own Shifengqihui Han Takachiho, you’re naive! brother was ignorant I cried, his face looked at me guiltily, small voice apologized to me and said: “! right, I’m sorry.” out of the room my brother, my phone rang and stridently. I do not know how, I just have a feeling Kim Han is a phone, this has been a mess hemp feel more anxious, I too afraid to answer the phone, let it barking in his pocket. pound ! Just as I was lying

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May 16th, 2014

Orthopedic can never utter a word when, not to mention a little girl eight years old, is my twenties, bone pain I have been shouting it you know why people die or suffer utter a cry to Because her mother and her family just outside the family did not want to worry you did not see that little girl being finished with bone pale paper like it Cold sweat that you did not see ah Then there are sheets mattress caught what would become the That was almost scratched sheets full of sweat drenched How about you What to do Just children, they can still teasing her mother laughed How about you Well Dragon Dragon Xiaosong Xiaosong ah, you in the end let me Oh “full of disappointment, full slumped Long Yan, heavy patted the arm of the sofa, feeling powerless against a child on the back of the sofa , close your eyes, do not want to say anything. Long Xiaosong not shed tears, silly blankly looked at his father, listening to his angry words, that single word, as if carved into his heart like his heart, do not know what Taste children Anyway complex to the extreme. mother hugged dragon dragon Xiaosong Xiaosong, watching her husband rage, listening to those words, the idea is somewhat clear understanding of her husband’s feelings at this time, and then turned round to see that the complexity of the Dragon Xiaosong inexplicable small face up, gently sighed, patted his son’s shoulder, put a soft voice, said: “Xiaosong ah, the little girl is great, oh, you have to learn from other people, you know” ” ah know.” Long Xiaosong silent for a long while, nodded his head, indeed, he really did not notice this, he has been tangled with Li Xun then why treat his attitude is different with others, At this time listening to his father said these, the young dragon Xiaosong, the idea is contingent on a glimmer Li Xun admire,Louis Vuitton Outlet, this nod and promise, it is in heartfelt. hum learning her over her Li Xun then you really are terrific, but I more powerful than you “This little girl in the end is someone’s child ah education so so good ” Dragon Xiaosong’s mother was very surprised and somewhat envious asked, words Well, on some slip of the tongue, to see her husband with a hint of embarrassment that expression, she’s also some lack of confidence, tempting some Nono up. Long Yan sighed softly, eyes closed, it is some emotion, said:. “Li Jianjun’s daughter Oh, my father is a hero, which is really the daughter of the hero of a small child can not ah ” ” Jianjun Oh that what you said we are ready to appropriate ah But I heard him, Major General, the deputy corps, as well as special for this it we prepare something we can look at other people ah “Dragon Xiaosong’s mother slightly surprised a moment, pondered a clear understanding of what it could not help some apprehension up. Lung inflammation is sigh, opened his eyes, looked straight into his wife said: “There are people’s people, but we are a token,Louis Vuitton, but we simply can not get the door children’s, just finished Jianjun thoracotomy for lung major surgery, being nursed back to health, closed thank, people also say do not go, but I, ah, this is the heart do not feel at ease, more people do not care, I’m sorry people feel that the more children. girl you said people bother anyone His body is not good, do not even go to school yet, but I think, ah, I’m afraid the child with her father’s composition is more important, who does not know Jianjun body Oh you talk, we called our What thing ah This is soon to end, and let people have added a patient at home ” ” Well that you say, we in the end that give people what to prepare ah” Dragon Xiaosong’s mother can really have some scratching their heads, which her husband’s mind she’d understand, but thought to want to go Come on, this eat, drink, people probably really is not rare, it can be the other, looked up at his own home which is not very wealthy he really is somewhat crass, things may have nothing resend it out ah, inappropriate,. nothing can be regarded as a serious ceremony, light bar, or inappropriate, as did even more sincerity this this in the end it is appropriate to send something ah “Oh, yes, just two days before the home is not sent over the little silver fish and tea What have to take on, it would not be considered a child of the fresh material, ah beautiful little girl will love something, Xiao loose, hide you have to give those a stone out Xiaoxun it, you can be considered an apology. “Long Yan suddenly had an idea had an idea, he turned and looked at his wife dragon Xiaosong said. reluctant dragon Xiaosong points under his head, secretly distressed myself that Exhausted stone was gathered up, but the dragon Xiaosong’s mother was Puchi laugh, the laugh, laugh Dragon Lung inflammation and Xiaosong are some daze, shouted at her, she was by no guessing, with a trace of Long Yan Jiao Chen stare glance, said: “whitebait, tea, stone Ha ha ha you really want deficit out do not you remember when to send my engagement, what is it may not be what is this three gentile send out this stuff, you’re not a joke ah ” “amount Oh Oh Hu say Xiaosong if really can Xiaoxun to come home to marry, that’s a blessing for our family the girl afraid ah people despise us Xiaosong Oh I see ah , that girl from start to finish, but we did not see it Xiaosong a say, let it be our own customs of the village, to the neighboring village to ask you, do not know. Okay, well, just how much the two children Freeze said, and quickly pack up and go, and then later the people that are ready to eat lunch. ” Lung inflammation was his wife to say these words a moment, then smiled feeling something, waved his hand to kill his wife to prepare for things to go, while the dragon Xiaosong’s mother stood up, while murmuring the words: “We Xiaosong how I see it very good fit Xiaosong ah, Knut force, to marry that girl to come home and that is what a good son dad mom ” “Well of course, come back to marry the line, the line, getting more and more orgy of Ha ha ha ” Long Yan eyes closed, the sound should take casually, and then amused himself, his wife chatter one, huh laugh, but unfortunately, eyes closed, he did not see the eyes of the dragon Xiaosong inexplicable that flash of light Chapter 123 apologize conditions Lung inflammation and Long Xiaosong father of two did not come to the courtyard door Jianjun home, it is far to hear the sound of the waves of the zither, sound off, just repeating a few simple syllables, one on Who knows quasi just started to learn it, both father and son could not help as the one with the dragon Xiaosong in the end still young, could not help but ask: ” Dad, you said it would be contingent on Lee Hoon bomb it.” “that who knows Maybe. Okay, let’s go, do not Guannameduo.” Long Yan did not say anything, took his son’s hand, went to move it two big iron tightly closed door, looked up and down, quickly found the doorbell children pressed down. Zhou Lei while murmuring, while the trot from the guardhouse drilled out, after he had just returned home, some can not wait to go on the library, borrow a book to come back and see the positive Qijin Er, when it was interrupted, could not help but have some muffled stuffiness, conspire that “cat’s eye” in front of a look, could not help but slightly surprised a moment, scratched his head, or open a large iron gate, a little embarrassed smile, said: “Oh, hello Comrades, I ask what it ” “Oh, we’re coming home to apologize, to send something to accompany a ceremony, which is some of our native home, just sent, do not mind, oh, we did something else, do not go , and then we left. “Long Yan chuckled, handed the hands carrying stuff up, saying these pulled Long Xiaosong turned to go back. Zhou Lei subconsciously held out his hand, and can not be connected at this time but feel like, quickly greeting: “hey Comrade otherwise I say go right, you are a bodyguard this thing I still do not know the connection should take, you do not let me embarrass okay ” “amount this, ah, oh, okay, ah trouble you, comrade.” Long Yan could not help but slightly surprised to hear these words, but also had to retook the gift, and some awkward standing in the doorway, Zhou Lei smiled,. a large iron gate closed again, and turned it hurried towards the study door. Long Xiaosong slightly Pieliaopiezui said: “There are so rude to be guests of what” “Shut up people do not know what is called the sub Is he a security guard will be able to call the shots and let people take things into the yard not understand Bite your tongue.” Long Yan immediately stop this stupid son of his own, down the the voice said. Long Xiaosong is Pielepiezui’s muffled voice murmuring: “The original had accompanied her daily jogging is this Puer really big bodyguard ah ” ” you brats what nonsense ah’d like to accompany her father to accompany got it itself in the fortunate” Lung inflammation is a collapse of the shoulder, raising his hand severely cut the dragon Xiaosong slap, played a lowhead dragon Xiaosong, no longer afraid to say, his heart Well, of course, will be nagging about it. hum so much Puer young married woman who dares to marry ah Ran Li Xun I see you are Jia Budiao the hum click, bang, big iron gate opens again, this time across all to open the door, open the door a welcoming posture, temperature and light soft cotton monkey wearing a large family came out smiling, looking Lung inflammation and the Dragon Xiaosong said: “Look you have so polite, sit it into the house.” “No, No, Comrade Li Jianjun, we can not disturb the rest, which is gone, which is gone, we are to send a little hometown specialty, to accompany a ceremony to apologize, or else our hearts will not fall forbearance, Xiaoxun how now playing is her right Oh, this child really is too hard, “Lung inflammation seen like this soft warm light and agreeable, and it really is a lot easier heart, hands handed him a large bag of things, to accompany the warm shallow Sophie Zhou Lei around, it is a concern to ask. warm shallow Sophie laughed some proud to say: “She Yeah, that is beginner to practice, they do know their hands fist music comes the truth, so you joke, you are also too kind, this little child playing The thing is not often stir it say we have not Xiaoxun place. still sit right at home, eat a simple meal ” “No, I really do not bother, the family still waiting for it, let us go, and Xiaosong, with Aunt goodbye.” said Long Yan waved their hands, hands pulled his son aside. Long Xiaosong Gang Gang been whither still heard the sounds of the door and looked inside, but can only see the inside of that long lush bamboo and below the bush, could not help a little discouraged to hear his father’s call, quickly toward the warm Sophie was very polite shallow bowed slightly and said:. “Aunt goodbye” “Goodbye, free to come Xiaoxun play it.” soft warm light or graciously smiled and said, Long Xiaosong side murmuring heart can never be, one side should be uttered quickly, followed by Long Yan gone , watching them go some far, warm shallow Sophie That turned into the door, bang clatter, the door tightly closed and up. Long Yan gently sigh of relief, said: “Xiaosong, hear no, ‘fist their hands music comes’, which has just hurt people Xiaoxun did not stop, the foot is inconvenient, you can hand also with ah, you have to learn from her, you know ” ” ah dad, is not reported to the sister what music class children, right” Dragon Xiaosong Gang just been thinking about that shadowy yard is what it looks like, hear the words of Long Yan, paused, nodding should, and immediately began helping his sister fighting for the rights of the. Long Yan Lung Xiaosong turned and looked at, turned to stare asked: ” you do not want to learn something it” ” I thought good, and so like a good talk about it.” Long Xiaosong hesitated, he was actually quite want to learn zither, not because of love, but simply because you want more than that nasty smell girl, but finally shook his head, his home from time to Li Xun natural conditions than, say, their own exams have not even taken her, and how there are thought to learn something Moreover, what Jin Yong’s book that he is not never seen it These, does not know when to complete it. Lung inflammation of the corner of my eye been watching his son’s demeanor changes, see here could not help but smiled and nodded his head and said:. “Well, on the other you want good things to say to your sister, I go back and ask her If she had wanted to learn, and then wait for her to test the double hundred went to her enrollment. ” “” rising dragon Xiaosong Gang Gang Yi and joy of that wire, heard here, could not help but become a silent, but also double hundred ah but a double hundred grade pupils should not be difficult In this case, Lee’s study, as usual sounds is intermittent, not to time, Li Xun then people will not order irrelevant, irrelevant things to waste a dime of time to do while Sarkozy Kay is smiling, sitting opposite his next Zheng, Li Xun then looked bombs, it is in my heart secretly pleased that this child really is not external things it also left just less than half of the children of God, children immediately and obediently practiced, clap your hands, sparkling smile, said: “Well, well,. right here today, tomorrow we continue.” “Oh, little Qi Shushu goodbye, I will not take you to the” Li Xun then took the side next to a small soft brush head and a soft cloth, ready to wipe the zither, while phony child said. Qikai smile in a Jiaochen Tim said: “We have no false polite one line, while in the afternoon I come, give you a little taste, and reward you so hard.” “Hey, I want to eat boiled fish” a la carte immediately. Qikai pair of eyes full of gentle smile slightly stare, categorically said: ” No you do not eat spicy rice crust Sam Sun is good.” “Okay, okay, with Hello my only responsible eat” indifferent nod, it is confidently said. Kay and muzzled children amused Qi Ha ha ha laugh. Zhou Lei this time went into the den, smiling Ran Li Xun said:. “Come on, our little sick child, to look at the people you sent to apologize.” “What is” Lee Hoon then carefully clean up continues unmoved goes on zither, even without looking up said. “Oh, a big bag of stone, there are two boxes of tea, a large bag of whitebait. said to be the home specialty.” hear the stone when Lee Hoon natural eye has slightly narrowed, mouth, slowly cracking up, for the stone dragon Xiaosong Li Xun then also know, that’s been his baby, and now hehe “Puchi how to send these three gentile come ah my grandmother said, her hometown is something to do to get these three gentile betrothal ceremony Ha ha ha Xiaoxun ah, you are not being given out” Qikai Puchi laughed, ridicule said. Li Xun then turned a big eyed children, said: “I fail to meet requirements can be high all the requirements of discussion.” “Ha ha ha doll, ah, that you talk about, what are your requirements in the end ah” always smiling sitting on Ruanta not speak Jianjun, then finally spoke. Li Xun contingent Hey smile, said: “The first, Feast, eight major cuisines, snacks, all well versed in international cuisine, and the most happy thing is to eat a second look at me, taking all the housework at home, even for me. underwear should help me hand. third, to be able to unconditionally give me the entire net worth of treatment, no matter how extravagant I will raise your hands in favor of the feet, and also did not buy me feel good down gave me something to buy it, the ‘My wife is a wife or old

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May 16th, 2014

Rolling Thunder boom down, the sky monks held hands standing there, his face calm,Louis Vuitton Outlet, despite the destruction of the power of thunder to thunder beads wrapped into one, but it did not move, even in its Meijiao have never been any change. Big spirit world, crossing the robbery who may be so, and few people know 16 mines. 17 mines. . 38th thunder. 39 mines. . 67th thunder. 68 mines. mine since the beginning of the 50th,Louis Vuitton, blood Mines can gradually grow, although powerful xiaochen pride, but not conceited enough to flesh Yingkang whole point of mine robbed, otherwise why not naked folly. So began the shot to contend with supernatural powers, to ensure the greatest degree of refinement and lower body absorb the premise inherent strength appropriate to weaken the Thunder, 69th thunder. day supernatural powers to crack broken,. the forgotten its prestige, Youyi shortage archaic technique outbreak Zhiqiang body combat power, life and the Thunder defeated the half, the remainder of its foes are swallowed. 70 mine to Ebb Tide magical shot, into the water source, the supernatural realm Vaillant broke out to the extreme, obliterated Thunder. [The water source is derived from Simie demon dragon Rocha, yet another source of mine mentioned. 】 71 mine to quiescence pointed hand, the evolution of a large millstone supernatural lives, crushed Thunder. 72 mines. as 72 Plough thunder, lightning is generally not as evil evolution Brontotherium, not meant relatively weak, notified the means to simplify the often able to burst out of the strongest Vaillant, Plough mine it is. And this last one thunder, lightning is the most horrible Plough entire existence. Boom! vast bloody robbery goes crashing fragmentation, which forces brazenly broke out in the endless thunder, thunder atmosphere of terror from which suddenly broke off, can be described as earthshattering. Face the whole robbery strange clouds blew xiaochen face suddenly gloomy down, he did not believe them because they expose the power of life and life too and these clouds robbery scare, this must have been a strange place. As he rolled into the idea, now suddenly Taishou, eyes tightly fell cloud that blew the Department robbery, violent contraction of the pupil, an atmosphere of death instantly appear, allowing his body stiff, his face a little magic. I saw the annihilation of the cloud in that robbery, terrorist blew Viagra can void life and tear, an interlocking irregular cracks appear which, rich flavor from extreme spiritual power among the cracks appeared, but the attendant there Xiao Chen, who made sensitive to the smell of death. Ray breath! a thickness of only Chixu Thunder since falling into the cracks, silent, which pass through all the thunder ablation, even if space was completely destroyed into nothingness, like a flexible snakes, seemingly weak, there truly lethal capability. xiaochen fundus Limang flash, there would have been moments in which he locked the Thunder, except Ying Han this mine, he has no choice! Even so, it can only go, let me see how powerful this strange as mine. Foot stepped forward step down, empty chatter, the number of road cracks appeared from under his feet, spreading in all directions away, the Paoxiu one hand stretched out toward the Thunder landing direction by extending two finger off the vanity, a little forced, like fiddle strings, then release. Boom! xiaochen suddenly a white face, body weakness breath is going crazy, but it still looks calm, eyes shining bright! Today, he already has the power to use two lines superimposed outbreak comparable shortage of ancient mighty shot, see if it can withstand 72 mine! Chixu blood thunder crack day edge, both in the sky above the outrageously encounter extreme atmosphere of terror from the contact point that flagrantly broke the surrounding madness swept the sky, the sky throughout the vast territory of Ukraine yuan exhaustively crash. xiaochen Menheng soon, just step foot Annealing 17 Fan Zhen withstand the forces down there is the slightest traces of blood out of the mouth, Taishou forward, just at the moment split days a gap edge is broken boom, twinkling and 72 mine to. face 72 thunder kill xiaochen Leis eyes flash, antirefundable, foot stride forward, direct outrageously should! Ray robbery want to bombers kill Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen is it not want to be swallowed! Although the day broke open a crack edge, but also loss of 72 mine heavy breath before comparing weakened more than half, if we take the opportunity to devour refining, surely there will be some no small gain. Boom! Thunder falls instantly xiaochen wrapped into bloody thunder beads, endless destruction Thunder force its body into madness. pain! hurts! very painful! xiaochen even a kind of return to a sense of when to break too imperial territory, the kind of piercing pain, unusual enough to make the monks mind instantly collapse, or even directly attracted soul collapsing, in this imminent demise. But this pain XiaoChen body, but did not receive the desired effect, he frowned, to resist the raging thunder, while “swallow Ray” crazy turning the Thunder into a pure life force, into being their damaged Among the flesh. body damage, repair, and then again damaged, repaired, that is, in such a cyclical process, xiaochen rising body strength, magic, soul too slowly in a steady growth rate. Without rule lines in hand, today xiaochen must escape the imminent demise ending, but now it is a completely different case, the first 72 days of thunder was split weakened the front edge,. though still strong xiaochen can hit, but can not be kill him, in that case, it is doomed to be swallowed his life and destiny. Half an hour after , Ray beads dissipated, revealing one of a naked body, slim though it seems weak, but it contains a world of horror creeping make forces of terror, broken fortune from the day, split the foot off the ground. Emmanuel shimmering, dressed Qingpao possessed, eyes slowly open, dark expanse, such as sea stars! Under moment, Qingpao breath of repair in vivo in an alarming rate crazy soaring., broke open the bottleneck crossing the robbery, was promoted to Heaven, but still did not stop the trend, thrice breakthrough until Heaven Habitat peak level just three relief slow convergence. paid off, soaring, secretly preparing for years, and finally return today wanton publicity. xiaochen sky and smiled, billowing upward move, arrogance monstrous! now repair, can also be a large shortage of ancient warfare now! want me [from playing any bad kinky little jj are doomed to drop, the first is more, there is one more night, for 8:00 before impress, hehe. 】 Read the latest and most complete novels Chapter 294 from the wake ephemera circles, fit to rule the roost, the thousands of small circles, the shortage of the ancient statue! year xiaojia abjection children, foot Avenue after death, there is now the repair can be shortage of ancient warfare, has become the pinnacle of the entire existence of thousands of small circles, be called ethnic ancestors, revered status of hundreds of millions Wan creatures control in hand, to bestow full in an idea. () To repair his now, already can prop up a separate world in the spirit world, the refuge of his relatives and friends, waiting for the monks in the sanctuary of soaring human world. xiaochen face Italy heartfelt joy among no slightest cover camouflage. Since the vast expanse of the spirit world wide, he already had the arrogance emboldened aspect, although the road is still long, but at least it already has the power to protect themselves. a shortage has not been promoted to the ancient, but has a shortage of combat power of the ancient monks, must be able to get the attention of the entire human family groups, and ethnic groups more value, the more XiaoChen make better prospects for development. Although the shortage of the ancient territory is not weak, but still on the Pacific, two ancient ancestral realm, but there is a limit higher than the ancient practice level, but the power level when Daqian circles will exist, and now can not have XiaoChen Imagine magnificent. xiaochen deep breath, give all the hearts of depressed mood, slowly Taishou, has been restored to a state of calm indifferent, although he now had little means, but the strong spirit world of countless, I do not know how many years after Creepy scour no imminent demise of survival in the world, the major ethnic groups throughout the strong absolute shortage of many ancient and even Pacific, two ancient ancestral realm old fool may also exist. Such that a pulse of jade Jade Palace, the Palace of ancestors, according to the mouth from the main square of the information obtained by the sword, famine ancient territory is absolutely simple can be as simple as a large, otherwise how could he make such a fear. This is odd, most likely even Tulkus level Swire super strong. repair is higher, the greater the strength of the gap between them, is often a fine line between a world of difference. Xiao Chen and Jade Palace intricately die endlessly long been the situation in the future and this Jade Palace ancestors fight of life and death is inevitable to war when, by virtue of his mere repair now, I am afraid that a face to face will be easily denied. strength is too weak! Weak ah! Apart from the threat of Jade Palace ancestors, there was a fire hazard from Daqian family circles, once identity will provoke the slightest exposure to the fatal disaster, according to the left eyebrow Taoist said, do not have to think twice Daqian want to intervene in the power sector, we need to have limit the power of the ancient, but now is just a preliminary xiaochen foot shortage ancient territory of the monks, from such a poor state far more than 100,008 miles, really deep cloud of difference. mind the idea of ​​slowly rotating, curved like a trickle flowing from the heart xiaochen over, his mind will give birth to a trace complacent just give all extinguished, leaving only cautious and careful. years makes the boat carefully, cautiously order to live longer, which is within the boundaries of comprehension explore countless monks with their lives out of the wisdom of any arrogant who is invincible even really exist, there are gutter capsize possible. Xiao Chen is not easy to come this far, how can he tolerate because of their complacent and makes all the hard work into useless. invisible, xiaochen mind again undergo an idea of ​​metamorphosis, mood repair on a more serious, thorough firmly secured the corresponding mood levels shortage ancient territory hierarchy of power, otherwise even the ancient force has a shortage, if the mind can not control, but also very there may be forces occupied the mind controlled situation. So overwhelmed by a sentiment, but it is so XiaoChen virtually prevented a very crisis that may arise, can not say that this is the opportunity. xiaochen am not aware,. at the moment he was frowning slightly, looking head that gradually began to repair the collapse of the void, in the eyes while volatile, apparently the idea is rapidly turning into hearts. number of interest when he Huo Taishou eyes tough color flash, apparently already been decided, at the foot step forward, he has not seen any action, directly penetrate the space did not figure into the dark void of cracks. now Ukrainian territory million things come to an end, Xiao Chen naturally reluctant to stay here for a long time, since it can not find a way out, it can only intruder into the dark cracks, although spiritual awe cautious, but now Xiao Chen, after all, the shortage of combat power than the mighty ancient terror exists, as long as careful, this big spirit world can cause harm to him not many places. Emmanuel shimmering, Qingpao not figure into the dark cracks and disappeared without a trace. After moment, spatial fluctuations in xiaochen figure appeared again fundus gloomy hidden with Murder blinking his eyes swept the surrounding cold, after quite a while to confirm there is no discovery, frowned That stormed away. Although today’s Ukrainian border element has no activity of any substance can, but I do not know why XiaoChen mind is some hint of unease, which shares the feeling though very light, but did not let xiaochen lightly, so before and now he will repeatedly tempted, just because there is no discovery, only reluctantly gave up. gloomy gray sky, above the clouds at the void collapse slowly together and eventually restored to its original state, no different from before. However, at this time, leaving less than a hundred miles away xiaochen place, the ground suddenly split, then another with a shriveled mummy horror slowly climbed out from the ground, wearing a robe covered with black blood, he Systemic breath exhaustively convergence, presumably he could escape exploration, this is the role of blood gowns. This mummy from slowly got up, bloody eyes look to the left xiaochen direction, which shocked the hot flashes of color, “wild ancient territory breath you actually reached so quickly shortage ancient territory ” mummy crooning, though hoarse voice muffled a lot, but there is a little familiar with the inclusion of any of them. if xiaochen Here, must be able to hear, it sounds impressively with a refreshing source exactly. In other words . This mummy is refreshing source! “Xiao Chen, the overall fabric of the seat next to the dead body finally got fed the results I wanted and now the seat has turned into a zombie’s body, imprinted curse in my family bloodline Yi also be broken open, let me see Now who can stop the rise of the seat. ” “Now get this wonderful land of raising the dead, I think you and I will meet again shortly afterwards, when you want to be able to become more powerful, little by little, I will devour you clean, take away what you have Everything! ” refreshing open source whispered voice calm, but it is revealing cold dead air chills the hearts of people feel, and implement their hearts. language down, quietly split its feet ground, refreshing source did not figure into which the general population has issued nervous laughter, shrill as overcast Guiku number, diffuse missed in this territory, durable ghost . extraterritorial battlefield. Beastkin “feather” inferno “thorn” Terran “swallow” but except a few groups known to sneak assassinated outside, the spirit world in the most difficult of the most recognized tough night sneak strength. They walk in darkness, responsible inquire military, passing intelligence secret protection, shot assassination bear this sturdy things monks, naturally all good repair, ruthless. feathers, but the selection of ethnic talent Yaozu light dexterity he made the tribe careful cultivation, good to gather military intelligence, messaging, stealth, escape velocity occupy the absolute leading position in the ranks of the three dark king. thorns, horror inferno selection team consisting slain, heard their names will be known its greatest role is assassinated, robbed monks from the beginning of the transition to the population peak, did not dare to start their roles vicious means, once shot dead endlessly, death is not the enemy of one’s own Simie exhausted, except in addition no longer any possibility. swallow, it is carefully cultivated by man from the family for many years, there is no distinctive features too, if have to compare something, it should be said that the integration of both feather and thorn Dacheng exist, but on the other hand, the which means they are more birds and stabbed when there is not much advantage. Even so, WalMart still Terran swallows a par with the previous two, but the mere mention of ethnic battlefield role is heard. . feather 5 wings, each wing 7 Ling, Ling 7 per groups of seven people, one for each territory Heaven above monk, head of the Three Realms of Heaven, Heaven coasts Ling length, wing length population peak, as the legendary Yu’s total length is unknown whether Yaozu Which big Buddha sits, there was a rumor that a pulse of a royal Phoenix super strong, there was a rumor that a certain Council of adults, there are rumors Yaozu someone after years of not mighty, confused and confusing mixed on. But no matter how guess, whether monks or alien Yaozu strong, in reference to “feather” when showing or awe or fear will look. This is no years,. “feather” proudly with their return to the status of the record, no one dared to question the slightest. “Kanto leader, something seemed wrong, this dramatic fluctuations in the atmosphere, does have the remains of the treasure be born” feather wings 7 6 5 Ling, head of the full moon slowly opening, many of whom are worried about the meaning. 9 Kanto team leader for the civilian background, punch kick went quite enjoy today’s old colleague, now heard nodded, “does have some unusual, if this momentum is really a treasure born, absolutely no trivial matter. ” Speaking here, Kanto slight pause, “it is better to return the matter Ling grew up people, you wait for the adults told me this, if really there are unforeseen circumstances, not later shot and then assess the situation.” should be under the full moon, but the mind is always uneasy, for dead mountain to climb over the sea of ​​people, the risk for the near total

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May 16th, 2014

One piece investors,Louis Vuitton, but also the king of weeks in the market is now one of the few friends. Wang Zhou is a famous contemporary Chinese painting at home, one is from the Ming dynasty Ruyi dry One auction come. “You know I’m not good on these things.” Qiaoze Yu mind how to think how to say his mouth. This week with the king who is dealing with, much less beat around the bush is straightforward. “So” King Zhou is not down to speak, but why let Qiaoze Yu raised. “Pan sister had no contact with you” asked. Pan Yu Yuan sister is now a single broker. “contacted Some games still to go too you know” King Zhou says. “Well, the contract is not urgent. follow your progress.” Qiao Zeyu very casual. If not,Louis Vuitton Outlet, then he told the king instituted a single rain Yuan Zhou, Wang Zhou did not know who the Yuan is one rain. So before talking about a single Director Wang Yu Yuan find her filming, pure nonsense. “I do not understand, since you got the idea that she is not particularly, why investment also comes recommended her to me” King of weeks then asked. In recent years he knew Qiaoze Yu, skim those interests, but also to some extent be regarded as close friends, this is the first time Qiaoze Yu proposed to invest his movies. He underlined the king of weeks there may be long upon the bottom line, he would not do with the money to make life difficult thing. After all, a movie shoot out, is the greatest guarantee adequate funding. “still human.” Wang Zhou then laugh, and then changed the subject. Three days after Wang Ji Wo week then follow the CDPF, see Chen Lao and smoothly. In relation with the help of Chen Lao Wang Ji Wo week will go to the hands and have to do is guide arts movie. The king also promised Chen Lao week then, when the time for the king of weeks then personally wrote an inscription movie. one week after week the team officially king and Kunqu Opera, as well as Zhaodu Fang Ji Wo signed a cooperation agreement. Kunqu Opera is Ji Wo turned down two months of work performed for the king to concentrate on the movie busy week, also participated in the discussions with the modified script on Kunqu Opera section. Even Zhao Dufang close disciples, small Shao Yang, also even get a sort of a small movie role. Preliminary work entire film is still kept in secret, C City for the film’s main location, but still need to go to some other city, the king went to Xiamen week it has been selected for the film scene, and stay stationed in Kunqu Opera is a surname Xing deputy director. Ji Wo did not know what the end will be the heroine, will come with her to learn Kunqu Opera. Until one day, she was in a martial arts Kunqu Opera in stretching. Corridor outside came the sound of bursts of high heels to walk. door was open. There are sound staff joking voice. “Ji teacher, your apprentice coming.” Ji Wo down the legs, turn around. door, wearing a purple skirt, tall and lanky woman took off the sunglasses, but had slowly stagnate elegant smile on his lips. sudden, martial arts room in silent. Ji Wo can not think of a single rain anyway Yuan Ji Wo actually is. a moment,. there was a trace of cracks on her delicate makeup, followed by a meal, quickly restored state. Rao is the heart and then rolling waves, she also maintained that some grace. “Come, come, I introduce you, this is 芷 Ji Wo theater teacher, who is a single rain Miss Yuan.” Xing, deputy director I do not know what time coming. He quickly in his early fifties, shy beer belly, slightly balding, appears to be a very friendly little old man, unlike weekdays director, but like garment factory to see the door to see what Uncle warehouse. “Hello.” Shan Yu Yuan stand straight, the first hand, sparkling smile, but did not reach the eyes. Ji Wo palpitation, also not recovered from such consternation inside. She had also extended a hand to hold the hand of a single Yuan rain. Yu Yuan single hand cold. “Nice to meet you.” single rain Yuan said, laughing a little, but the same cold eyes with her hand. ” heard a lot about.” Ji Wo thoughts very chaotic. Look at this case, a single rain Yuan seems both are not going to admit that she had lived in the same dormitory students, so he had some kind words to say. Yu Yuan single curved his rosy lips. For this teacher, she is quite disappointed. For weeks the King movie, she hesitate to breach of contract, they would have pushed the next drama, and lose some money, without pressing this termination message. That everything is in order to prepare for the film, can be met Ji Wo wanted to talk about, or even her Kunqu teacher. Oh, really unlucky. XING assistant director said a few words, received a phone call while on the side waved away. Leaving Ji Yu Yuan Wo single martial arts room stay empty. “And now ” Ji Wo quite unnatural opening, but the sheets of rain Yuan immediately interrupted. “I did not expect to see you here.” Shan Yu Yuan Ji Wo stared, motionless, “You also diverted now singing” “am.” Ji Wo divert attention. Some rain Yuan discourse single punch. “When did you start singing” ” After graduating college.” “iron rice bowl, right relaxed moisture, high wages. see you when nothing changes with the university.” this point was strange, somehow turned Ji Wo Yuan looked at single rain. “Well, we can start.” single rain Yuan stepped aside, took off his coat to the outside, such as an assistant in martial arts, and turn back, “Now how to practice discipline teacher” she increased the last three word pronunciation. Ji Wo sip sip lips, the mind some unpleasant things thrown away. She does not understand why a single meet again after many years of rain Yuan would she so hostile. No matter what the last hair, Ji Wo do not want to pursue, and can be a single rain Yuan in the end is how is it When former University of Yuan it will rain single man, no matter what people meet, she is very gentle and soft look. But now watching makeup, face and college no change, but more and more outstanding temperament figure who stood before the mirror will be scattered to the shoulder harness good hair again, a single rain Yuan clenched teeth. I do not know why, she now some unable to control their emotions, like a cat being angered erected covered in thorns. Originally pretty good mood today, can one see Ji Wo, she was very upset. the past many years, she had never thought of Ji Wo. Although not achieve the desired target, but she is still doing well, no one else around who can match her. But at this moment, suddenly saw Ji Wo, a single rain Yuan feel now obtained enough. She was very annoyed. perhaps annoyed Ji Wo reminded her of some of the things that many years ago, so she felt now everything is stolen. perhaps annoyed his own life because the filming is not the law but hides dark circles under the foundation and obvious nasolabial folds, Chi Wo be a face without makeup is so pure and natural. perhaps annoyed Ji Wo now looks comfortable and carefree days, while they worry all day for the future. perhaps, is annoyed else. single rain Yuan clenched his fists. ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ Qiaoze Yu from the gym carrying a tennis racket out to the parking lot while walking, while easily dial the phone, put on a Bluetooth headset. “Pan sister, Hello, it’s me. Oh, is that so say rain Yuan has now started to practice well, I know, will be greeted with Director Wang ” Qiaoze Yu footsteps suddenly paused, looked up at the roadside in front of the camphor tree branches stretch in the sun wanton, thoughtfully. “You say she is now in Bai Zhikun theater” Bai Zhikun theater Qiaoze Yu frowned, half did not move. parking lot, the sun shone on the car glass, reflective glare of white light. Half an hour after , Qiaoze Yu arrived Kunqu Opera. Although there have been many years did come in, he in the end right here too familiar. Kunqu Opera Azeri rarely, it seems everyone has things running around tending. Nobody spare some Qiaoze Yu. Qiaoze Yu also alone in looking for martial arts. In fact, it will not take much effort, because a single rain Yuan’s personal assistant was holding her clothes and bags, also carrying something else stood door. “Hey, you have come.” little assistant was not tall, thin and small, holding a bunch of things they did not dare to put on the ground, very difficult. She had seen Qiaoze Yu times, he knows a good relationship with a single rain Yuan. Privately they actually find a single regret Qiaoze Yu Yu Yuan. She felt good enough Qiaoze Yu Shan Yu Yuan. Star character how, assistant side is the most clear enough, but she could not say anything. “nothing to look at.” Qiaoze Yu came to help her get some things took hands. “I have come on the line.” Little Assistant very sorry, pushing blackrimmed glasses. She wore a sportswear feel Qiaoze Yu today, very nice. “you rest.” Qiaoze Yu said. “I went to call her” little assistant pointed closed doors. This martial arts against the side of the hallway with no windows, only the front and back doors. “No, I do not want to disturb the rain Yuan.” Qiaoze Yu deliberately lowered his voice, “she told the teachers in the study opera” “ah.” little assistant nodded, “a pretty young teacher and look pretty, style.” “Oh, what is” Qiaoze Yu pretend inadvertently asked. “seems surnamed Ji Ji Wo ” little assistant effortlessly recall. “good.” Qiaoze Yu heart of a dynamic, but still gentle and polite face, “since she still learning, I’ll go back and I came to find her you do not have told her, lest she complain that you do not tell her. ” “Good good.” Little Assistant hear my heart warm,. immediately agreed. Qiaoze Yu has helped her put things stood for a moment, then left. this work from Jinjiang Literature City Welcome see more good work Chapter 53 turned upside down “want to drink it” Yu Yuan took just let alone buy two bottles of mineral water, Assistant came. “Thank you.” Ji Wo took water, politely thanks. this time is nine o’clock, Kunqu Opera little garden behind with only a single rain Ji Wo Yuan. Shan Yu Yuan idle too stuffy room, asked to exercise outdoors, Ji Wo had moved here, and fortunately also practiced some female roles pace posture, the venue is not much demand. “Now, in addition to your daily singing or singing” Yu Yuan sat alone on a bench next to the cross legs. “so to speak, but sometimes there are other things to do.” Ji Wo standing next to did not sit down. “I still feel very boring. lifetime, if I do this, I would have definitely crazy.” single rain Yuan said, dig phone. Qiaoze Yu is planning to dial a phone, you can remember standing beside Chi Wo, and again dropped. She was no fool, how will contact Qiaoze Yu Ji Wo in front. In the years of memories, seemingly with Qiaoze Yu Ji Wo has a trace of indefinable relationships. Ji Wo turn on the water bottles, did not answer the words. Now, she felt more and more single rain Yuan temper like most of the year Deng superior products. Recently she heard Deng married six months for gifted divorced because her husband get involved in a small three derailed. three office buildings garden next to the second floor of the pavilion angle, stand together with Xing assistant director. From this point just to see the people downstairs in the garden, but unfortunately too far away and can not hear the voices. “XING guide to your perspective, a single rain Yuan how” Qiao Zeyu there staring at the two men asked. “This ” Xing assistant director hesitation. He was very clear, single Qiaoze Yu Yu Yuan is recommended. Although there are no official contract, but she became the heroine is almost a certainty thing. “What do scruples, I also want to correct his decision in the end is not correct.” “Yu Yuan heart single gas children a little bit high.” Xing said deputy simple guide, discourse vague criticism meaning. So Qiaoze Yu opened his own head. “Her temper surprisingly ambitious.” XING assistant director smiled. “Today, the difference is not all girls are like this. Single rain Yuan acting needs to improve.” Acting not just learn laughing and crying satire on the matter, which is the need talent, you need hard to understand. Yu Yuan is the lack of a single point, regardless of what role, are like a mold carved out. Qiaoze Yu curved mouth, his eyes still staring Ji Wo eyes unconsciously reveal a gentle smile. Garden Grove Jurchen low branches extending just hold Ji Wo clothes, she leaned down to fiddle with, an instant turn clothes hanging on the branches. “In fact, I would say ” Xing assistant director seemed to see something, lowered his voice, “That girl surnamed Ji, Yu Yuan touches compared to a single, more suitable for this role Moqing party.” Moqing side, it is that the actress is planning a new film. Qiaoze Yu Xing, vice totally did not expect the guide will tell such a story, surprised to shift our attention back. “Anyway, this program is the way to go audition, when manpower is not enough, I’ll let Ji Wo to help on the show, she did well.” remembered the scene a few days ago, Xing assistant director recalls. Qiaoze Yu hanging hand side of the trunk rubbing the phone, thinking for a moment, laughed out loud, guttural whispered. XING assistant director no longer speak, both sides are well aware. out from Kunqu Opera, Qiaoze Yu bypass road ready to drive away, but suddenly heard a car horn sounds. The rise of a black business was driven to his side, the door opened, the king of weeks down from the car, still wearing jacket. “how did you come” King Zhou is a joke, “stare than the director also tight. was my movie or do you shoot” “Nothing will come around.” Qiaoze Yu took out a cigarette, then handed one to the king of weeks. So two people standing across the Kunqu Opera, willow side, smoking. Wang Zhou is Bouncing soot, thinking about how to speak with . Situation resulting from his own perspective, the progress of a single rain Yuan aspect does not seem good. And he also found a few days of rain a few single view of the Yuan drama starring two always feel that there is a trace of dissatisfaction, although will also be soso in the past. But Wang Zhou is still trying to find a pretext to single rain Yuan substitutions. not want Qiaoze Yu was the first to speak. “Financial constraints it” Wang Zhou then narrowed his eyes, waiting for the next words Qiaoze Yu. Some people send money home, he will not refuse. Of course, this is also confident that the next few years, he shot the premise of the movie can not lose. You can say that to his own arrogant overconfidence, but the fact is the case. Otherwise, he may be weightier than Mount Tai pressure. “I then out twenty million, the heroine substitutions.” Wang Zhou is the music. ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ nightfall, C City nightlife in the bright lights began. Ji Wo do not understand why this is more than seven big night that he will be called to the hotel where the king is coming weeks. into the top level of luxury suites, also sat on the living room sofa and Xing Bai Yun Zhou, assistant director, apparently also been called the king of the temporary coming weeks. Ji Wo greet with them, sit down on the sofa is also next to a single person. “What happened” Bai Yun Zhou, shaking his head. Xing, deputy guide is laughed language. this time, Wang Zhou then took out a stack of data from the bedroom, walked in front of a few people to sit down. “Attendance, little thing, on the word.” Yun Ji Wo and white boat attentively. “Ji Wo, you have no intention of star party Moqing this role” King of weeks then did not dragging its feet. Ji Wo shocked. Bai Yun Zhou stunned, then very happy, clapping, shouting, “Good!” an hour later. XING guide had left, the living room got left Chi Wo, Bai Yun Zhou and Wang Zhou then. “Ji Wo, in the end you do not consider good” Bai Yun Zhou Ji asked the Wo has been silent. “My heroine is not a single rain Yuan what”

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May 16th, 2014

Anxious shouted: “Go, call physician does not come up yet!!!” thinking small flowers lay on the ground leaning on the palace pride, tears can not help, one drop at a palace proud face. finale: the hall, her heroes! 7 finale: the hall, he tackled her! (Seven) thinking small flowers lay on the ground leaning on the palace pride, tears can not help, one drop at a palace proud face. She took his own porcelain incense back in ten pills, stuffed into the mouth of a palace proud. then opened a palace proud of clothes, found on his chest, a crimson palm print. is blocked just for themselves that beat. sour badly her eyes, tears in their eyes misty, tears big stars big stars, how can not help. hand, remove the needles, thinking small pieces of silver needle in the most sensitive points on each palace proud. However, it is not proud palace woke up. could not help but think of the sound of small flowers are put on a tearful voice. “You wake up ah! you wake up ah! You do not scare me! long as you wake up, I promise you!” thinking small pieces put his veins, listening to his heartbeat,Louis Vuitton Outlet, heart panic to the extreme. because even if she had just fed him back ten incense pills, even if she had for him just tie the various points. But the situation has not improved proud palace, but is becoming more serious. his pulse beating increasingly weak, his heart more and more hear. This is he seemed to give up their lives! think he was a little flower doctor, her medical skills, passed down from NIE to the book, which is the highest in the world of medicine,Louis Vuitton, nature knows why. because pride has abandoned palace chance you want to survive, so will in this case, even in their own healing, breath of life will increasingly weak. because he simply wanted to die! Why ! Why would he want to die ! today’s update on here, you parents see you tomorrow. Goodnight! finale: the hall, her heroes! 8 finale: the hall, he tackled her! (Eight) Why would he want to die ! even own any time in case this might be dead, do not want to die. why he wants to die then ! if he died, how she do ! thinking small flowers suddenly aware of it. if he died, how she do ! she was not always want to leave it ! not always feel the unbridgeable gulf between them why the moment, there is this idea ! However, no time to think about thinking small flowers so much, she only knows that she can not let him die. because she actually did not tell him that if he die, she is across those divides. she can build high walls of those overturned. listening palace proud increasingly weak breathing, thinking small pieces of broken beads into tears. “palace proud, you big idiot! how can you die! you die, how do I do ! You die, you hear how my mind ! I have not told you, I have never hated you! ” thinking small pieces of the palace proud head prop, bow, is proud palace crossing a deep breath. Then she deep breath, once again proud to Palace crossing a deep breath. so forth, but the palace proud, did not wake up. face, more and more pale. breathing, getting weak. thinking small pieces of heart, but also more and more panic. [Masterpieces network Www.qisuu] “palace proud, you gave me wake up ah! If you do not wake up, I would die for you to see! Yongming not you save me So, you want me to live However, if you die, I live what does that mean If you Too Late, Too Late I was in front of you. I think small pieces,. always meant it, you should know! ” finale: the hall, her heroes! 9 finale: the hall, he tackled her! (Nine) “I think small pieces, always meant it, you should know!” thinking small flowers said, and as proud palace crossing a deep breath. “I count three, if you wake up, I would really die for you!” thinking small flowers while helping proud palace wearing a pin, while outrightly said. her face, becoming calm. panic was gone, what seems to be done under the same decision. stunned crowd watching this scene, the physician also stood aside, not to act rashly. because obviously thinking in front of a small flower, skills to be more clever. if thinking small flowers are not saved, they simply have no shot of the land. “one!” thinking small flowers looked proud palace, slowly read the road. and her hands, has a grip on the knifeedged mountain shiny. he ate his own medicine, acupuncture after being himself, although the injury is still very heavy, but definitely not lifethreatening. can definitely woke up. but he did not want to wake up Why ! Why ! “little sister duo, you can do that!” three headed look, we must quickly rushing. he had been proud of dissatisfaction on the palace, though just a small palace heroes proud sister duo twice. but harm small sister duo that person is always proud palace. how he can make small pieces for the harm her sister’s princes, sent his own life too ! this world, not because of less proud palace would not exist. little sister duo of life, it is impossible because of the palace proud, and become bleak. that did not encounter a small palace proud sister duo, that is the real joy. “Do not come! who can not stop me! since he chose to leave me to die, then save what I mean ” finale: the hall, her heroes! 10 finale: the hall, he tackled her! (Ten) “Since he chose to leave me to die, then save what I mean” said thinking small pieces to pull off the knife, mounted on his neck. sharp blade, accidentally cut his thinking small pieces of smooth neck. suddenly a ray of bright red blood, his neck line slowly leaving. looks, shocking, unusual apparent. “I just look at him, is not it can also save me the third time!” thinking small flowers said, turn the knife next to his neck, some more recent. “If he really like what he said, love me, pet me, it would save me the third time! if not, that is a lie! ” due to the proximity knife wound thinking small flowers on the neck becomes deeper, the blood along the blade, slowly leaving. falls drop by drop to the ground. “two!” thinking small pieces of second sound, shouting out. proud palace lying on the ground, slightly frowned. palace he was hit in the Swiss beat his chest, suddenly felt organs seem to have been a smash. martial arts palace Swiss brothers among them, though not the highest that one, but palm method, but it is definitely all people, the most powerful one. just add that beat, Kazunari internal forces inside. even hit the palace proud of him, if not geniuses general character exists, is really dead. however, let him give up, not this beat Rui Palace. but thinking small pieces of words. think small flowers that begged him to leave her alone! begged him to let her leave. As he kissed her thinking small pieces being pushed at the moment, his heart had already started to slowly despair. because she pushed him away! because she simply could not understand his mind. no matter what the situation, but it is always thinking small pieces can not be put aside grudges. finale: the hall, her heroes! 11 finale: the hall, he tackled her! (XI) no matter what the situation, but it is always thinking small pieces can not be put aside grudges. that do not care how secular thought, that gave him a warm before thinking small flowers, small flowers that fearless thinking. that even he shall stir this bloodthirsty princes are thinking small pieces, at the moment he was trapped in a kind of worldly being. shit’s former princess, the dynasty princes unbridgeable gulf what shit! he turned a blind eye altogether. block God kill God, Buddha kill the Buddha! he only knew, no matter who is thinking small flowers, small flowers are thinking no matter what kind of identity, he wants that person, can only be her. that little flower girl called thinking! but he does it all, and he even willing to give up the throne for her, just because she felt that he was using her to get the throne. But finally,. think small flowers still pushed him away, but still want to leave him. Or is he owed her, so he should also her. So, he gave up! or only this method also, think small flowers will make a real forgive him! he really wants is desperate gamble. if he gave up his life for her, how she would do ! for her if he died, she would let go of grudges that in mind it ! proud palace did not know he wanted to try. is like his personality always the same. once decided to do, the consequences will be desperate to do it. have to ask if the reason for it is that he likes! even if it was lost on his life, he only thought of thinking small pieces of their show authentic look. think small flowers said those words, he heard. she actually kind of silly, threatened with death himself. She is not afraid of death most it Palace think so proud of my heart. finale: the hall, her heroes! 12 finale: the hall, he tackled her! (Twelve) She is not afraid of death most it Palace proud heart think so. However, they could not help his brow slightly wrinkled up. wanted his efforts to open their eyes. because of this stupid woman, could really do that. “palace proud, you then wake up, then I will not be the number three!” think Nabing knife holding small flowers, and more with the beat to his own neck. “little sister duo, do you have bleeding!” three headed thinking small flowers looked like, his brow furrowed tightly, a look of anxiety. he wants to go forward, to think small pieces knife taken down. also want to go forward, would bring her to leave this place. everything has been resolved is not it ! she is not to say, after all the things resolved, if these country to the palace after, and they will leave with you she is not to say, after it was over, his mind would consider it why the moment, but for Palace proud and want to send their children alive threeheaded heart, in dripping blood. because he knew that he could really never be able to walk into the heart of the little sister duo. because now the little sister duo, the only thought in mind of that person, is proud palace. his palace pride and envy, and envy, and hate. but at the moment, but also want him to wake up. because only he woke up, little sister duo was not so sad despair. ” ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ” corner, came the faint Rui Palace is arrogant laughter. “proud palace, the Royal Highness not something you want to get the repair!” ha ha ha Palace proud to die! that has been in the eyes of everyone he came in front of the palace, proud to die! and his contention that has been robbed of his palace proud, going to die! finale: the hall, her heroes! 13 finale: the hall, he tackled her! (Xiii) and his contention that has been robbed of his palace proud, going to die! Palace Rui smiled, and even coughed up a pool of blood from his mouth. Yet his face, but it is a brilliant laugh. although at the moment he is also around overnight, although at the moment, he was all the guards with a knife strapped to his neck. but he felt, seems to have been smoldering since that kind of stuffiness hearts are dissipated. mind is there is a sense of fun. seems to be dead proud palace, this country, there is no dispute heads up. because the strongest rival, was dead. he has nothing to battle it. So at the moment Rui Palace, laughing happy exception. However, above this hall, but no one has paid attention to the palace is now the Swiss way. paying attention because they are engrossed in a palace proud body. several physician wanted to see the palace proud approached the situation, but he was thinking small flowers stared fiercely back. very aware of her heart, if not cured the moment he would not wake up not coming. Even so severe internal injuries treatment , it will take some time to be the internal strength of the interest rate adjustment. but now thinking small flower medicine, acupuncture proud palace under way, is to let him in the shortest possible time to wake up. Just woke up and, then, there would be dangerous. but Palace proud actually reluctant to wake up! is felt cheated him too much still feel hurt him too much ! But between them, is not that so he not also lied to her ! he not also deceive her ! between them, only you had come to me to fight. originally You lied to me, I lie to you! between them, no one wins! because of love, it is not who wins! finale: the hall, her heroes! 14 finale: the hall, he tackled her! (Fourteen) because of love, it is not who wins! In fact, there does not owe anyone anything! just why, think small flowers only want to understand it at this moment ! “palace proud,. you still do not want to wake up” think some small pieces of sound sad, some sad. if we start over, will not the same ! Palace proud fingers slightly move a little, not too obvious. However, it is more wrinkled brow deepened. though his face was like ashes in general, but it is clear that the heartbeat and pulse is increased. fighting back against the side of the physician thinking small pieces of taboo, the pride of the palace veins. Palace proud pulse and heartbeat, actually quick recovery. and his face, though still pale, but slowly improving. though, is not very obvious. “palace proud, in that case, I have to give you one last chance. So you called me love my pet, is a lie! if you really love me, pet me, and how I would be willing to let it die in front of you if you really love me, pet me, and how it would not want to wake up ” thinking small flowers looked Palace proud smile, the eyes of the last vestiges of the look are dim. three masters see here, just feel pained to the extreme. want to forward, the moment this fragile little flower sister in his arms. clean is also a slight frown. However, they can not help who she was. unless that person, is the palace proud! unforgettable pain, who can not be saved. “three!” thinking small pieces of saying that, that in the hands of a knife, never any hesitation, it is necessary to erase his neck. “little sister duo, do not ” “small pieces ” “brothers and sisters ” finale: the hall, her heroes! 15 finale: the hall, he tackled her! (Fifteen) few times exclaimed from the Basilica upload. three headed, clean, there has been only static

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